Autocrossing Events

Autocrossing is an organized driving competition where each driver tries to take the fastest single lap. An autocross course is normally bounded by cones and set up in a parking lot, unused runway, or other flat and open venue. Each driver makes just one lap at a time trying to beat the clock, and is compared against other drivers with cars of the same class.

The emphasis in autocrossing is driver skill, typically smoothness and consistency. The corners are so tight and close that typically you never hit 60mph, and most drivers stay in second gear. The engine gets a bit of a workout, the brakes get reasonably warm, but tires get hit the hardest.

Autocrossing Organizations

There are a many different autocrossing organizations, but the two most popular in this area are the Milwaukee Region SCCA and Wisconsin Autocrossers Inc. Each club offers many events of different types for a reasonable amount of money, and all of them are fun. These clubs are formed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, so any time you spend participating, helping, or organizing with these clubs will be fun for everyone involved!

RRC Autocrossing

Hard-core autocrossers typically race nearly every event, and the particularly driven ones often purchase and modify their cars according to the limits of the class they are competing in. At preset we do not have any serious autocrossers in our club, but on occasion some of us will pop in and throw our cars around the track for the day. On the left navbar you will find a yearly list of the events we've attended, and some information about how well the drivers placed.