Rick's 2004 G35 Sedan 6MT

Download the G-Tech Pro data files (GTP files).
Download GTech PASS (GTP file viewer).

Initial Runs: 04/04/2004

This is the first batch of runs with the G-Tech for my G35. I wanted to see mainly how well I could launch the vehicle, and get used to the G-Tech. So, some polish is lacking on these results. :)

I ran three acceleration runs that day. All three were pretty consistent, but all three had some problems being instrumented by the G-Tech (user error, not the equipment.) Only one run was long enough for a quarter mile, and that one had a too-high RPM launch which caused a bit too much wheelspin. Also, I hadn't been able to calibrate the RPMs properly since I hadn't tried turning on the headlights and foglights yet. Oh well!

The basic performance parameters were found quickly:

Not bad for a familiarization run! More info to come...