Rick's G35 6MT

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Final Exhaust Updates: 04/09/2006

In never-ending pursuit of the perfect car (for me), I've been evaluating and making slight changes to my G35. A few months after I bought the car I put on a Crawford Z-Cars intake plenum, and a half-year later I put in an Unlimited Tuning Y-pipe as a midpoint to my preferred exhaust changes. The stock exhaust on the Sedan is too restrictive and a bit too quiet for my taste. The Y-pipe helped with the restriction, and now the HKS muffler helps out with the sound and looks! Besides, the stock muffler in the last two years has started to corrode and get dingy... and I love stainless steel any way. :)

Sound and Fury:

You can check out the video ( normal quality or high quality) that Chad and I made. Chad did the camera work, and I did the driving "work". It was nice to see and hear my car in action from the outside, since normally no one has a chance at getting behind the wheel! For more information and pictures, check the exhaust upgrade explanation.

As the video mentions, the new exhaust is about 50% louder (+5 dB) at full throttle. The startup sound levels are slightly higher, perhaps 15-20%, but a lot lower tone. The character overall went from mostly engine valve whine with a higher pitched exhaust note to a lower base note with a bit of burbling after letting off the throttle. As with other systems, the 3000-4000rpm range has the most resonating sound, and I'll have to hunt down a pair of buzzes in the B-pillars due to the much lower frequency rumble. However, overall I like it a lot better than stock!

In terms of instrumented performance gains, I didn't expect any real change since it is just a muffler swap (the stock muffler isn't truly restrictive.) As you can see by this power comparison, the before-muffler and after-muffler HP readings are essentially two horsepower apart. However, when factoring in the changes in temperature (check the spreadsheets before and after) and what-not between the tests the readings are essentially identical. So we didn't get any faster, but I think it definitely looks and sounds better!