Chad's Monte Carlo SS

Updated 09/19/2006: Chad has sold the Monte, but has bought a Corvette!

Recent Events:

September 2nd, 2005 G-Tech: Corrected Runs
October 5th, 2004 G-Tech: Re-jetted Carb
August 27th, 2004 G-Tech: Initial Runs

Background Info:

The current estimated output is 275bhp (SAE net) @ 4400rpm, and 320lb-ft of torque @ 3800rpm. The DesktopDyno quotes about 350bhp (SAE gross) @ 4500rpm, the typical conversion factor from gross to net is about 75-80%, giving us 263-280bhp SAE net!


Planned modifications for the near future are:



Left side

Left rear


Engine, front right

Engine, front left

Engine, front

Engine, front top

Cleaned-up, right

Cleaned up, left

Cleaned up, front


Burnout practice!
Low resolution (WMV, 2MB)
High resolution (WMV, 4MB)
Streaming video (fastest)