StopTech Brake Install

Installed: 07/29/2007

The Problem:

If you've looked at some of my previous modifications to my G35 Sedan (see my car profile for details) you'll find that in most cases what I'm looking for is a G35 Sedan that acts like the Coupe but has four doors. However, while racing at Road America last year my brakes faded out due to brake hose expansion, and they've been prone to vibration due to excess heat cooking the pads as well.

So, in preparation this spring I replaced everything but the calipers for a mild upgrade designed to cost a few hundred bucks but see if the changes would allow me to track the car without more expense. I installed new zinc-coated slotted brake rotors front and rear, new Axxis ULT ceramic brake pads, stainless steel brake hoses, and put in ATE Super Blue racing brake fluid:

Front Brake

Rear Brake


However, after Gingerman Raceway in June, my brake pads were shot and the rotors were grooved and had deposits all over them. While the brakes did hold up -- credit the SS hoses and racing brake fluid -- they wearables were essentially worn out after two track hours.

Scorched rotors

Torched pads

The (Final) Solution:

After about a month of research and poking around, I decided on a StopTech 13" big brake kit for the front only. Several articles had tested a front-only kit on a 350Z with identical brakes and showed a massive decrease in temperature and thermal radiation, and better control and stopping distance as well. So I found a great deal on the front-only kit and bought it... and after receiving the brakes I re-measuring the stock Sedan wheels and the calipers would not fit. UGH!

That meant either buying spacers and new lug studs to move the wheels away from the hub, or replacing the wheels. After considering for a while I opted to replace the wheels and looked for a few weeks at what wheels would clear. I eventually settled on Enkei Racing RP03s. They were just installed at Big Bear Tire in Oconomowoc -- give them a call, they are a tire and wheel store without peer! -- so the StopTech install commenced the same day. At the end of the day I have a new set of wheels and brakes that juuuuuuuuuuust fit within them!

New wheels and tires

New wheels and tires

The brakes have been bedded in and provide a lot of stopping power, although bleeding them was a minor pain. They should provide significantly better stopping power all by themselves! In addition, I've chosen BHP XPS brake pads which are the best street/race combination available, with a maximum operating temperature of over 1100 degrees!

So, after all of this expense I should have brakes that will stand up to a few full track days per year and not be shot afterward. We'll see at Road America this fall!