Headlight Upgrade

Installed: 04/08/2006

The Idea:

For those of who are wondering why someone needs to upgrade headlights, here's the deal: in 2004 Infiniti added Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights to the G35. These lights are the brilliant white-blue lights you see on some cars at night. However, only the low beams are HID, the fog/highbeam and parking lights are still incandescent, which looks yellow next to a HID headlight. So, this finally irritated me enough to spend $50 on e-Bay to get incandescent lights that are colored to be closer to the HID lights.

The Result:

Headlights (before)

Headlights (before)

Headlights (halfway)

Headlights (after)

Headlights (after)

Parking lights (before)

Parking lights (halfway)

Parking lights (after)

So, you be the judge. Worth the $50? It certainly doesn't make my car go faster... but it's less irritating. :)