June 2009 - Tom's Trip

This year in June Tom decided to take a long driving vacation in his newly purchased 2002 Audi TT Roadster. After many months of meticulous planning, he hopped into the TT and went south-west-ish. Over the eight days he spent on the road he covered 3101 miles -- 2950 or so with the top down!

As you can see from the photos, the scenery is beautiful, as was most of the weather. Tom meandered south through the cow-lands of Wisconsin and into the corn-lands of Iowa (avoiding the evil empire of Illinois.) Driving ever south, he galloped into Missouri, which also has quite a bit of corn. After passing through the Show-Me State, Tom took a right at Albuquerque... err, Arkansas, the birthplace of Wild Bill Clinton. Tom escaped without inhaling, and then drove into Oklahoma (AKA "Tornado Alley", population: usually a bit less after tornado season.) Thankfully, Tom was not sucked right out of his TT Roadster. :)

After surviving Oklahoma, Tom set a course for Kansas, apparently feeling that he hadn't seen enough corn, wheat, and generally flat landscape. The good news is that any twisters escaping Oklahoma would be very easy to spot! Once he had taken some very nice photos from the sunflower state, Tom turned back towards Iowa and eventually returned to Wisconsin, land of the five-month long winter.

Of the approximately 347,241 photos taken on Tom's Trip (TT in the TT?), we have a very small selection of some of the stunners in the photo gallery below. Please check them out and salivate over the scenery, roads, and the TT!

You can check out the following goodies: