Gingerman 2008

On May 12th Damian and Rick attended a Performance Driving Event put on by CGI Motorsports at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI.

For $225 we drove for six 20+ minute sessions, getting over two hours of track time in one day! This is an excellent opportunity, since typical PDEs give you an hour or so of track time for the same money. For the entire day each student had one of their experienced instructors in the car instructing them on the best technique to use while driving on the track.

This year we all had some previous Gingerman experience from last year, so we were able to better handle Gingerman's demonic turn three, six, and 10. Gingerman is the tightest of all the tracks we've driven on, and does the most damange to brakes and tires. Since most of our cars are relatively heavy and higher off the ground you have to really throw your car around the track to make headway!

As always, we enjoyed our time at Gingerman and learned more and more about our cars and driving skills. Although we did not any external camera-people this trip, we do have some in-car videos. You can also enjoy a few photos from this year's event below.

You can check out the following goodies:

Rick and Damian's cars in the paddock.

Some of the other cars, including the spin-o-matic Camaro.

An NSX and an e39 BMW M5... mmmmmm.

A lonely Porsche 911 and Ferrari 360 Modena.