BMW CCA Octoberfest 2010 (Road America)

This year the Badger Bimmers chapter of the BMW CCA hosted the 2010 BMW CCA Octoberfest, a week-long national BMW CCA event. Road America was chosen as the venue for Octoberfest, and the event turned out awesome. BMW CCA members from all over the USA made the trip up to Elkhardt Lake and filled up every hotel within an hour's drive. To top it off, the weather for the entire week turned out perfect - check out those pictures!

There was an entire week full of activities. There were catered lunch and dinner banquets every day, with activities like Time/Speed/Distance (TSD) rallies, go-karting, an excellent gymkhana, scavenger hunts, tours of local automotive facilities, classic car shows and concours, dancing and music, and of course driving!

During the week there was a Club Race school that Damian and Rick attended. It was Wednesday and Thursday and introduced the drivers to the uncontrolled, although regulated, environment of Club Racing. This included things like rolling starts and restarts, uncontrolled passing, and basically how to drive in the CR scene without wrapping your car - and your fellow CRers - into the nearest Armco. While extremely stressful, it was an excellent experience and helped us improve our skills and confidence.

After the Club Race school was over there was also a three-day (Fri/Sat/Sun) PDE, along with the Club Race school's partipants in qualifying and a full race. While we elected not to join the club racing, we did drive on Friday in the PDE.

If you haven't yet attended Octoberfest (i.e. you're still a virgin), it is filled with people who come from across the country to have fun in different locales with people who all like cars. It is a great time, with fun people, in interesting locations. You should give it a try!

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