Road America 2010 (Badger Bimmers OctoberFAST)

This year Damian and Rick signed up the Badger Bimmers Road America event just on Friday, which is open for Advanced and Instructors only. This means that you can run every session, as much as you like, for the entire day if you wish! There were something like nine sessions during the day, and we tried to drive in most of them.

Damian started this event with his new BMW M3, still stock suspension, but he'd upgraded his tires from 235mm front/255mm rear to 265mm front and rear! This serious rubber upgrade helped really plant the M3 in the corners. Rick, however, knew Putnam was coming next and elected to run his pretty-darn-worn tires that started off the season. These tires had plenty of tread but the shoulder were rather hard and slick, which lead to a day full of sessions that had more slides and tail-happiness than in all previous years combined!

Tire choices aside, Road America as always is fun to drive and beautiful to look at. We enjoyed our extended track time and drove our cars as much as we good. Our thanks to the Big Bear guys for their help getting ready for this event!

Hopefully next year more people will come out to Road America with us - it is a great event at an outstanding track. We hope to see you there!

You can check out the following goodies: