Big Bear Tire

Who is Big Bear Tire?

Big Bear Tire is an locally-owned shop in Oconomowoc, WI that deals with three things: tires, wheels, and some suspension and alignment work.

Why is Big Bear Tire on your website?

I have added Big Bear Tire's logo onto my website header as 'Friends of the Site' because I consider them exactly that. Marty, Jon, Jason, and crew have treated me to the best customer service I have ever had in my life, every time, for years. Their prices are unbeatable (same as or better than TireRack's), their labor and installation charges are tiny, their support is unparalleled, and their quality of work is outstanding. While they are always busy, they have never failed to take care of me promptly, efficiently, and effectively.

What have they done for you?

How have they helped me? Let me count the ways... they have:

What are you getting out of this?

Absolutely nothing. This article is unpaid, unsolicited, and was unknown to them. I think so highly of their work that I have recommended dozens of people to them, and every one who made the trip to their shop has come back to me with stories filled with great prices and superb service. I personally recommend that anyone who wants tires, wheels, or suspension/alignment work to give them a call. You will not be disappointed.

Tell them that Rick sent you, and that he says "Thanks!"