HKS Sport Muffler Upgrade

Installed: 04/09/2006

The Problem:

One of the things that Infiniti did wrong on the 2003-2004 G35 Sedan was make it too pedestrian in some ways. In 2003 they didn't have a limited slip differential (added in 2004), and in both the exhaust systems are a bit quiet for people looking for a BMW-like sports sedan. In 2005 and later this has been fixed by a new muffler and resonator, but I wanted a bit more bass in the exhaust -- plus the stock one gets rusty fairly quickly.

I already have added an Unlimited Tuning Y-pipe (see my car profile for details) to my car which boosted power a bit, but didn't offer any sound difference. To finish things off I added a HKS Sport muffler ("rear section"). It didn't change power -- as expected -- but it adds just the right amount of noise when you're getting on the gas. The UT y-pipe and muffler together compare very nicely to the Stillen system -- not as expensive, nor as loud, but the same power gains. And it looks cool!

The Solution:

You can check out the video while reading the review.

Stock exhaust

New muffler

New muffler installed

New muffler installed

Mmmm... shiny muffler. :)