Road America 2007 PDEs

As you may remember, last year we all fell in love Road America's track. Four miles of medium to high speed turns, elevation changes, and beautiful scenery make it an absolute world-beater. Accordingly, this year we went to Road America two times: once in September with Badger Bimmers (photo left), and once in October with the March of Dimes.

The September event was organized by Badger Bimmers, and ran from Friday, September 7th to Sunday, September 9th. The Friday event was solely for Advanced drivers and Instructors, but the Saturday and Sunday events were open to all drivers, and Damian and Rick attended. For $395 you got seven 30-minute sessions over the two days, for a total of about 3.3 track hours. Even more importantly, you also got the best instruction yet: these dedicated and expert instructors put the March of Dimes instructors to shame, and were noticeably better than CGI's instructors at Gingerman. We are definitely going to attend this event again in 2008!

Since just Damian and Rick attended, we were a bit short of manpower for the standard "media coverage." So instead of the blitz of photos, videos, etc. we opted to use the BB event as a test run for the new video equipment, G-Tech mounts, etc. You will find some BB pictures and in-car videos mixed into the photo gallery and DVD contents.

However, the season-capper was the March of Dimes / SCCA event on October 5th! This year Brian, Chad, Damian, and Rick all drove, while Eric, Jamie, and Jennifer spectated and handled all the video- and photo-taking. Thanks to them we have all these goodies, and apparently they still had fun since they're due back in 2008 as well!

Both Road America events have been combined into one Road America 2007 DVD. The DVD includes a 50-minute main video, another 20-odd minutes of in-car video with G-Tech overlays, and last but by no means least the famed Eric's Out-Takes mini-video. If you haven't seen it, do so! If you would like a copy of the DVD please contact us and we'll get one to you. The main video is also online in a lower quality format (see goodies, below.)

This year Brian turned his Mustang in anger for the first time! He had so much fun he swore to return in 2008, and hopefully Jamie will be coming along in her new Charger as well. While this year's event was much more congested, overall everyone had fun and we all kept the rubber side down!

Unfortunately, there were more vehicular casualties this year: a few blown motors or turbos, a wall crunch, a few off-road excursions, etc. So far the RedlineRaceClub members have all kept their cars on the track and pointed the right direction, and we plan on this continuing in 2008!

You can check out the following goodies: