2007 Summary

2007's original schedule of track events consisted of Gingerman Raceway, Blackhawk Farms Raceway, and then the March of Dimes/SCCA PDE at Road America. However, the Blackhawk Farms events closed early, so Damian and Rick instead went to a two-day Badger Bimmers Road America event. In addition, Damian returned to Gingerman for a family vacation by himself to grind more rubber off!

This year's March of Dimes crew included Brian, Chad, Damian, and Rick driving, with Eric, Jennifer, and Jamie manning cameras. Check it out!

Event Date Participants Description
June 4th, 2007 Chad, Damian, Rick, Sue CGI PDE at Gingerman Raceway
August 27th, 2007 Damian CGI PDE at Gingerman Raceway
September 8th-9th, 2007 Damian, Rick Badger Bimmers PDE at Road America
October 5th, 2007 Brian, Chad, Damian, Rick,
Eric, Jamie, and Jennifer
March of Dimes/SCCA PDE at Road America